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Career Opportunites


AdvantEdge Technology offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive employee benefits package and yet the optimum balance between and competitive customer pricing. Our entrepreneurial philosophy creates an environment of excitement,enjoyment and growth for all employees.

We are continuously seeking qualified individuals who are looking to enhance their career path with the AdvantEdge culture.

With a focus on future Task Order opportunities, AdvantEdge Technology anticipates openings for qualified candidates in the following categories:

Senior Systems Engineer & Systems Engineer – Experience related to the technical analysis of Navy weapon or combat systems engineering/support. Experience shall reflect understanding of naval weapon systems operation and support. Specific system skill sets include the following:  Aegis, Tomahawk, NSFS, DCGS, MK 86.

Senior Test Engineer & Test Engineer – Duties include INCO, SOVT, T&E, CSSQT support.  

Senior Computer Analyst & Computer Analyst UNIX/LINUX software experience related to research, development, design and testing of shipboard computers.

Senior Field Engineer & Field Engineer – Installation, modification, maintenance, operation of combat/weapon systems.

Warehouse Technician – Duties include receiving, storage, disassembly, assembly, maintenance, inventory and shipping.

Finance  Analysts – Duties include developing, analyzing  and maintaining funding documents utilizing  integrated financial services including accounting, budgeting and financial reporting.

If you are a qualified professional interested in applying for one of these openings please fax your resume, application and signed FCRA Notice to us at (805) 488-8447 or email us at