Installation Engineering

  • Design

  • Development

  • Material Identification

  • Material Acquisition

  • Site Preparation

  • Prefabrication

  • Support Systems Installation

  • System Integration

  • System Test Support




















radar installation

AdvantEdge has performed installation engineering and installed many systems at land based test and training sites for the US Navy.  We also perform system installations aboard ship.  For all landbased and shipboard tasks we have provided engineering, fabrication, welding, wiring and test support during system checkout.  Our technicians have installed display and video switching systems, electronic cooling water, power and data systems, security and access systems, signal cables, and ground systems. 

AdvantEdge Technology has fabricated foundations, installed the equipment, connected primary power, fabricated and installed the cable set and turned the system over to the customer.  We have performed and assisted in PICO and at installation completion performed and assisted in INCO and SOVT testing as required. AdvantEdge Technology has extensive experience in training ships crews and ship yard personnel in the operation and maintenance of installed systems.

We have demonstrated abilities to perform complex Work Force Management, coordinating shipyard and commercial industrial support organizations ensuring timely and accurate performance on ship board and land based equipment installations.  All of our work is performed in concert with our in house Quality Assurance Program.  For each job we identify the overall task requirements, the milestones, roles and responsibilities, quality targets, test and inspection points and monitor and check work during the installation ensuring task quality targets and performance is achieved.