Technical Planning and Logistics Services


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N00178-04-D-4005 TO L602

USS Underwood This contract has ended. The follow-on contract is L608.

The General Services Requirements - Air Dominance Department support Contract has been awarded to AdvantEdge Technology, Inc. This contract allows us to provide technical, planning and logistics services for the MK 92 and the MK 74 Fire Control Systems and the MK 41 Vertical Launching System

Engineering, technical and logistics services described in this Performance Work Statement (PWS) encompass a wide range of engineering, T&E, interoperability, technical and logistics requirements where professional expertise, experience, and education are required. Services will be required at shore sites, land based test facilities, shipyards and aboard ships in ports and at sea. The work efforts are applicable to the ship classes, combat systems, major systems and programs supported by the Air Dominance Department.