Quality Assurance Program

Magnifying Glass

AdvantEdge Technology performs engineering services with a focus on discrepancy prevention strategies, process controls and stringent attention to achieving high-quality results at lowest reasonable cost. In doing so we continue to build on the attitude of continuous quality improvement. We have a strong reputation for quality services and the commitment to quality is part of the company culture.

AdvantEdge Technology implements Quality Built-In (QBI) into our performance based service contracts and Performance Work Statements (PWS). QBI establishes and standardizes processes and procedures used to execute normal work functions. These processes are the foundation for our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). Quality Assurance (QA) starts with the employee’s ownership, skill sets and the QBI process used in data collection and continues through to the documentation and charting, analysis reviews, improvement implementation, system controls and management oversight. A Quality Management Board (QMB) is structured to provide overall advice and ensure teams stay focused on built-in quality of the day-to-day operations.