Team Members

The following companies listed in alphabetical order make up the AdvantEdge Technology SeaPort-e Team. The companies that have an existing website have their company logo linked directly to their site.


The A&H Engineering is a small business providing systems engineering and software testing.


Alion is a large business and provides ship design, engineering and marine architect services supporting the US Navy and Coast Guard.


CACI International Inc provides IT and network solutions including systems integration, managed network solutions, knowledge management, engineering, simulation and information assurance.


Collins Consulting Inc. provides IT services on a full range of computer systems. Collins Consulting, Inc. services in many capacities from testing through project management.


CIF is a small business and provides corrosion repair and controls for navy equipment exposed to the marine environment. They provide various paint systems meeting government specifications.


ENECON provides an extraordinary range of high performance polymer composites for repair and reclamation of navy equipment, components and structures.


Eron Company is a small business that provides technical services in hardware, software and systems engineering.


GDIT is a large business and provides all phases of ship and weapon system life cycle - technology development, design, test and evaluation, maintenance and improvement/modernization.


Gold Coast Ironworks is a small business that provides manufacturing, prototyping and welding services.


Hales Engineering is a small business that provides welding and maintenance services.


Integrits Corporation, a small business company located in San Diego, specializes in systems integration, computer network security and web-based interactive training.


ITT Standard is a large business and provides heat transfer solutions for various combat systems aboard Navy ships.


Lockheed Martin is a large business providing technical engineering solutions.


MTN is a large business that provides Shipboard satellite communication services including installation, integration, testing and operation.


Metson Marine is a small business and provides ocean services including, vessel operations, ocean environmental and marine engineering services. The company operates and maintains government and commercial vessels, harbor tugs, crane and oil barges and small craft.


Northrop Grumman is a large business and provides various financial, logistics and technical engineering solutions.


Novonics Corporation provides high-quality program management, architecture definition, systems engineering and software development services, primarily to the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.


Raytheon is a large business and provides combat/weapon systems installation support.


RAC is a small business and provides equipment and component life cycle obsolescence support.


Saalex Solutions is a small business and provides T&E services.


SAIC is a large business providing combat systems engineering, maintenance support, and shipyard industrial services.


SEMCO provides logistic services in support of provisioning, material management and configuration controls related to AEGIS Weapon System (AWS) and the Ordnance Alteration (ORDALT) configuration management.


Sierra Cybernetics presents a broad experience base in leading edge technology. The engineering staff has current experience in networked systems, communications, and information processing systems.


VT Services is a large business and provides base operation support and logistics management support.