Technical and Engineering Support Services









































Under this Task Order, AdvantEdge Technology, Inc. provides the Air Dominance Department with technical and engineering support services for the Aegis Combat Systems Support Equipment (CSSE) and MK99, VLS MK41/57 Launchers, ORDALT Planning through Installation, SWEF installation of Aegis Combat Systems and Equipment, US/FMS MK92 Fire Control System (FCS) and the FMS MK 74 TARTAR system.
Support services will be provided aboard US Navy ships, Foreign Navy ships and Coast Guard ships in both foreign and domestic ports and at sea. Services will be required at shore sites, land based test facilities, shipyards and aboard ships in ports and at sea. The work efforts are applicable to the ship classes, combat systems, major systems, and programs supported by the Air Dominance Department.

This Task Order provides services for the NSWC PHD A Department, whose Mission statement is: “We will provide quality systems engineering, technical and logistics expertise to aggressively improve Fleet readiness, and relentlessly improve and modernize the delivery, quality and cost of services. We will develop and maintain strong relationships with our customers and pursue new technologies to better support them. We will invest in our people to sustain and expand A Department Competencies."