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Weapon System Support


AdvantEdge Technology engineers and technicians have many years experience in providing Weapon and Combat System support for several of the complex systems in the US Navy. We have a history of developing innovative solutions to meet difficult organizational and integration challenges.

Systems engineering is performed for command and control systems, radar systems, sensor integrations, surveillance and telecommunications systems, combat and weapon systems, laser ranging and director systems, and intelligence systems. Our engineers and technicians are experienced in electronic, electromechanical, and mechanical systems. AdvantEdge Technology has supported all aspects of system design, development, and fleet installation including prototype development, integration, in-service engineering, and modernization of both US Navy systems and FMS systems.

We have supported system feasibility assessments, design and development activities including developmental testing, configuration management, documentation, fleet implementation, operational testing, system engineering and installation designs. AdvantEdge Technology has performed system installation and testing as well as developing maintenance support documents.